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About us:  

ANDREW & COLE is a modern, sustainable swimwear & lifestyle brand from  Zurich Switzerland. What started as a mens swimwear label has now evolved into a renowned brand for men's casual and daily wear. The brand has established itself as a prominent brand in the resort-wear & daily-wear category. Keeping up with cultural travel trends, ANDREW & COLE collections have evolved into a must-have wardrobe, while staying true to their signature passion for sunny vacations and joyful moments. At our core, we believe in more than just designing clothes – we are dedicated to crafting a lifestyle that resonates with the values of the new & older generation.

“We're not just designing clothes; we're crafting a lifestyle that echoes with the values of the new & older generation.” 

From the very beginning, our mission has been to create swimwear that not only looks great but also makes you feel confident and comfortable. Thanks to our Swiss innovation, we were able to develop our unique swim trunks with a lining system that is not only comfortable but also breathable and durable thanks to our fabric.  As we grew, we realized that our customers were looking for more than just swimwear options. They wanted a brand that they could rely on for their everyday attire, a brand that epitomizes style, quality, and versatility all in one. As we say: “Style to impress!”

All our pieces in the collection are made from luxurious and premium that have a sustainability footprint.

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