The Andrew & Cole collection is not only stylish, but also sustainable. The label now uses a recycled fabric for the swimming trunks, which consists, among other things, of collected PET waste from the sea. The colored prints are now created using transfer printing, this process uses only 0.3 instead of the previous 3.5 liters of water per square meter of fabric. The new terry collection also scores in terms of sustainability: the fabric made from bamboo fibers is very robust, breathable and naturally offers antibacterial protection. In the growth phase and production, bamboo requires significantly less water than cotton. In addition, the terry cloth used by Andrew & Cole is dyed without chemicals. The classic T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and summer trousers in the collection are made from OEKE-TEX certified cotton and are sustainably produced. Upcycling is also a topic for the label: shoelaces and zips from older models that have not been sold are used again on new ones.