Recycled PET is a synthetic material derived from plastic waste, which is collected by environmental cleaning projects from landfills and oceans. These recycled alternatives turn waste into something useful. Also, producing recycled materials requires usually much less energy than producing virgin fibers. We selectively work with recycled synthetic materials, where they contribute to garment durability, as well as fit and performance. Our swim shorts are produced entirely from recycled PET materials.



Sustainability sits at the foundation of everything we create. Our green vision means that every single part of our sustainable swimwear, from the fabric right down to the packaging, is made from 100% recycled, sustainable and mostly biodegradable materials. The accumulation of plastic in our oceans has surpassed crisis point; by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. So wherever possible, we strive to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans during our environmentally friendly production process. We let collect plastic bottles and other waste from our oceans to produce ANDREW & COLE swim shorts. Please, also become part of this wonderful environmental program and help us save the oceans from plastic.

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A swim short of ANDREW & COLE consists of five reused plastic bottles collected from our oceans and landfills. We support and partner up with Repreve, which harvests plastic waste from the oceans and landfills. This waste plastic is sustainably processed into our high-quality fabric. The waste material is chopped, grounded, washed, melted and reformulated into high-quality chips which are used to form the fiber. Through spinning and texturing the fiber is formed into yarn. This yarn is manufactured according to strict specifications into a custom made, highly technical recycled fabric. The result of is amazing process is a fabric that is light, soft, water-resistant and dries in few minutes.

It was not only important to us to produce in an environmentally friendly way, we also care about the people who make our products. We work exclusively with certified manufacturers meeting high standards for human worthy labor environment. We regularly visit our production sites to ensure that we offer our customers the promised quality of our products. We are proud to say that we can assure environmentally and socially responsible premium quality products.


For more information about REPREVE visit: https://repreve.com/

Written by Vincent Stadelhofer

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